It all started in 1904 when "Izzy" and "Ben" began imprinting their handcrafted leather goods for some select corporate clients.

What started as a small application of their NYC factory soon became a full time job and a new corporation. From the very early days of corporate logos and branding - Advertising Gifts was there.

Now in our fourth generation, Advertising Gifts continues to serve a national client base from our new office in Port Washington, NY.

The original "Branded Gift Brokers," we act as the agent for your corporate image, sourcing the finest products with "Your Name Here."

We still maintain some of those original corporate clients and are growing to cover new industries every day. You'll always get service and quality products on time with us - we don't cut corners and we don't promise what we can't deliver.

Great service and customer satisfaction - that's why we're still here to continue what Izzy and Ben started.

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